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Results of the 2020 Registrar client satisfaction survey

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Text 98% satisfaction

Afnic conducts a satisfaction survey every year to get feedback from its Registrar clients. This year, the survey was run online from 20 April to 19 May 2020 and was overseen by the MV2 institute.

  • 98% of respondents stated they were satisfied with Afnic’s services (63% entirely satisfied, 35% satisfied), up 2 points compared to 2019.
  • The recommendation score was up 9 points compared to 2019, with 96% of respondents willing to recommend Afnic for its products and services.
  • Relations with our customer representatives scored a 100% satisfaction rate this year for their availability, the quality of their responses, the quality of customer relations and the quality of their assistance in sales development.

Respondents were then asked to rate the communication sources available: although the website consultation rate dropped slightly this year (to 80%) despite content deemed relevant by 96% of respondents, consultation of social networks more than doubled to reach 23%.

As for the overall perception of Afnic, registrars see it as professional and innovative. Compared to the competition, registrars rated the Afnic registration system and customer service above those of other registries, as well as its assistance in commercial operations to promote .fr and its ability to boost sales on an everyday basis.

Afnic would like to thank the respondents for their valuable feedback, which helps better evaluate its performance and leads to advances in the quality and nature of the services provided.