The Annual Meeting (JCSA)

Since 2011, the Scientific Council of AFNIC has been organizing an annual theme-based scientific and technical day.

Since 2011, the Scientific Council of AFNIC has been organizing an annual theme-based scientific and technical day. This day has a thorough technical tutorial in the morning and a scientific seminar in the afternoon. Here’s an overview of the previous editions.


2017 JCSA Edition

The theme for the 2017 JCSA was "Security and privacy on the Internet : what the DNS knows about you !".
Structured in two parts, with two tutorials in the morning and a seminar in the afternoon, the event brought together more than 300 people on-site and online via the webcast.

2016 JCSA Edition

The theme for the 2016 JCSA was "Cryptography in support of Internet infrastructures and services".
In the morning, the tutorial was entitled "Blockchain, from basic principles to Ethereum". The seminar in the afternoon covered presentation on two main axes "Cryptography for emerging infrastructures" and "Cryptography for essential infrastructure of the Internet".


2015 JCSA Edition

The theme for the 2015 JCSA was "Which measurements on the Internet, for which scientific and technical purposes?"

In the morning, the tutorial has helped inform participants about the RIPE Atlas project/network and developments of its features and its uses by a growing community of Internet professionals. Concrete examples were used to illustrate the usefulness of the network of probes for a growing range of uses. The seminar in the afternoon was in turn an opportunity to bring together experts in metrology, from the academia and industry, to discuss their respective interests and experiences of measurement activity on the Internet and the different targeted/offred uses.


2014 JCSA Edition

The 2014 edition’s theme was "Internet of Things (IoT): Overview, challenges and outlook". In the morning, 2 tutorial sessions took place: "Routing in sensor (industrial) networks: technical choices" and "Internet of Big Data things. Home Automation & Big Data: A real case". The afternoon seminar covered presentations of projects of IoT implementation, with a focus on M2M, long range radio communication (LoRa) or Big Data.


2013 JCSA Edition

The 2013 edition’s theme was "What developments for the Internet architectures? ". The tutorial was entitled "Every network needs identifiers. Which ones to choose? ". The seminar focused on topics such as LISP as reinforcement of the Internet architecture, a new deterministic scheme for traffic routing, the “polymorph fringe of the Internet” and the preliminary results of the 2012 edition of the report of the Observatory of resilience of Internet in France.


2012 JCSA Edition

In 2012, the JCSA theme was "Is the Internet resilient? Will it be more? Or less? ". The tutorial was entitled "Domain names security: threats, realities and practical solutions." The seminar covered talks on organizational resilience, the state of vulnerability and resilience of the Internet in general and in particular in France for an operator.


2011 Seminar

This was the first edition of the JCSA, as an afternoon seminar. This edition’s theme was "Is the DNS here to stay? ". The seminar was organized around two complementary axes: "New uses of domain names and their impact on the Internet infrastructure" and "Trends for DNS (re)use for more and more varied services."

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