Daily list of registered domain names

The French Postal and Electronic Communication Code provides that Registries shall release on a daily basis the list of registered domain names.

In this respect, AFNIC releases a daily list of domain names registered under the following extensions: .fr, .re, .yt, .tf, .wf and .pm.


Each day since July 3, 2012 Afnic has published the lists of domain names registered that day on the UTF8 format. 


To view one of the lists on this page:

  • Click on the icon of the chosen date ;
  • The image will appear in a new window as a vertical white strip. Click on the strip to resize to normal size.




18/03/2019 20190318_CREA_fr.gif [ - 0.85  Mo ]
19/03/2019 20190319_CREA_fr.gif [ - 0.73  Mo ]

18/03/2019 20190318_CREA_re.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]
19/03/2019 20190319_CREA_re.gif [ - 0.03  Mo ]

18/03/2019 20190318_CREA_pm.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]
19/03/2019 20190319_CREA_pm.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]

18/03/2019 20190318_CREA_tf.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]
19/03/2019 20190319_CREA_tf.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]

18/03/2019 20190318_CREA_wf.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]
19/03/2019 20190319_CREA_wf.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]

18/03/2019 20190318_CREA_yt.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]
19/03/2019 20190319_CREA_yt.gif [ - 0.02  Mo ]

Information provided hereinbefore are available for 7 days.

We also remind you that AFNIC offers to legal entities that make a request and under certain conditions, the list of .fr domain names registered each day with the name of the registrar that made the registration and the name of the domain name holder (except for individuals opting for the default "restricted distribution" option ).

Legal Notice

The data provided hereinbefore are collected and made available according to professional standards. AFNIC shall not be held liable for any omission or mistake in the information provided.

The data provided hereinbefore may be viewed and downloaded free of charge; except where otherwise stated, they may be reused, including for commercial purposes, without a license and without payment of royalties; reuse is however subject to the respect of the integrity of the data, and a specific mention of the sources.