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Find all of the latest information on Afnic and the internet made in France on our news feed: updates from the association, our activities, our offerings, our publications, our actions in the field, the internet in France and worldwide, the naming system and domain names, etc.

France Relance


France Relance : "Tous en ligne maintenant" wins the BPI call for projects

"Tous en ligne maintenant" wins the BPI call for projects

nouveau site afnic 2021


Afnic updates its website to facilitate your daily

Afnic has unveiled its new corporate website since 23 March 2021.

renaissance numérique


Afnic joins the Renaissance Numérique Think Tank

Afnic has joined as of February 2021 the Renaissance Numérique think tank, one of its long-standin...

Zonemaster afnic


Afnic and the Swedish Internet Foundation extend their collaborative Zonemaster project until ...

Zonemaster is a software package that validates the quality of a DNS delegation.

tout savoir sur le .fr


.FR in 2020: acceleration of the digital transformation among businesses and retailers

Afnic publishes its annual review of .FR, which presents the figures behind a remarkable performance...

ISN Afnic


Report Internet of Things & Digital Sovereignty

Industrial Prospects and Regulatory Challenges

header connecte ta boite


Afnic sponsors the TV program Connecte Ta Boîte

Afnic sponsors Connecte Ta Boîte, the 1st original TV program by France Num.

Afnic et Pix


Improving young people's digital skills: Afnic and public service Pix take up the challenge

Afnic announces a partnership with Pix, the innovative online public service.

Réussir avec le web 2020


Online presence of VSEs / SMEs: 2019/2020 results of the Afnic “Succeeding with the Web” study

Header College international afnic


Three major projects on the roadmap of the Afnic International College

The Afnic International College is actively pursuing the work of its roadmap launched in 2020....

Lucien Castex Afnic


Lucien Castex has been reappointed as a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the IGF

Lucien Castex has been reappointed as a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG)....

Marianne Georgelin


Marianne Georgelin joins Afnic's Executive Committee as Legal Director

Afnic announces a new appointment to its Executive Committee with the arrival of Marianne Georgelin...

Je passe au numérique


« Je passe au numérique » : the Afnic initiative for VSEs/SMEs

Afnic has produced 3 essential packs to support craftspersons and small retailers...

header fondation afnic


The Afnic Foundation announces its 2020 winners promoting an inclusive Internet accessible to ...

68 projects, with a total budget of over €1 million, that promote inclusion, improve access to emp...

DNS Afnic


Developments of the DNS and its protocols: Afnic publishes a set of tech resources on DoT and DoH

As a follow-up to the webinar entitled “How to create and test your DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTP...

DNS Afnic


Webinar ‘How to create and test your DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoT/DoH) resolver’

As part of its monitoring of the changes to Internet infrastructures and protocols, Afnic and its Sc...

Notre démarche excellence


Results of the 2020 Registrar client satisfaction survey

98% of respondents are satisfied with Afnic services



Global Citizens' Dialogue, France Edition

Thousands of citizens from over 78 countries will come together on 10 October to express their visio...

Header Forum Afnic Internet confiance abus


Forum Afnic - Domain names: protecting against and reacting in response to abuse

Afnic continues its series of debates for a trustworthy Internet with a workshop on protecting domai...

Point FR


.fr turns 34!

Afnic, the association that manages .fr domain names, celebrates today the 34th anniversary of its m...

JCSA 2019


JCSA19: A look back at the 2019 Afnic Scientific Council Open Day

A look back (in video format) at the ninth edition of the Afnic Scientific Council Open Day...

Rapport annuel 2019 Afnic


Afnic annual report 2019: “Responsibility, performance, resilience"?

The 2019 activity report was presented at the Afnic General Meeting held on 1 July 2020. This docume...



The Global Domain Name Market in 2019: will newTLDs create a sensation?

Analysis by Afnic:



Gandi and Isoc France elected to the Afnic Board of Trustees

The Afnic Annual General Meeting held on 1 July 2020 reappointed 2 elected members of the Board of T...